Professionally negotiating a fair salary:
  1. Job Seekers: 8 Tips to Negotiate Your Starting Salary:

    Fully understand the job.Make sure you understand the responsibilities, requirements, and expectations for the position.
    Educate yourself on the company. Ensure you’ve asked and understand how the company reviews employee performance as well as the process for pay raises and promotions (which is a good discussion to have with the HR person during the telephone screening interview)………………….Read More

  2. Negotiating a Job Offer? 15 Rules From a Harvard Business Professor:

    So you’ve been through a few job interviews and now you’re down to brass tacks — you’re negotiating the offer. This can be complex, tricky business, and costly, too, if you don’t do it well. But complexity also creates opportunities, at least for people who have done some homework. Deepak Malhotra is a professor at Harvard Business School who teaches negotiation skills. He’s put together a pretty thorough list of 15 rules to follow when you’re negotiating a job offer, which I highly recommend………………Read More

July 26, 2016