Abraham & London Search Process

I. Define the requirements needed to fill the position

This first step requires an understanding not only of the position to be filled but how it relates with others around it in the organization. During the definition phase, an at-length interview with the hiring manager will enable our recruiters to understand the dynamics necessary to source professional candidates.

II. Analyze potential sources

With connections and contacts in selected industries we surpass every other employee search method. We know how to locate and attract the people you want to hire.

III. Develop a research strategy to locate potential candidates

A key feature is determining the credentials required for the position. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, including proprietary computerized search software, an unparalleled candidate database is developed.

IV. Qualify the candidates database

Through pre-interviews intended to focus on what you do best, we've already interviewed 100,000 professionals, so you don't have to.

V. Select and present only the most qualified candidates

Even the most subtle characteristics -- like personal chemistry -- are considered. Through screening and evaluation we will narrow the field first to 50 candidates and then cut the list to the top three or four qualified, available and interested candidates. Finally we'll present only those candidates specific to your requirements.

VI. Schedule in-depth interviews

We handle the logistics and follow through with both candidate and client to keep the process on track, ensuring that both parties remain engaged in the process.

VII. Check backgrounds and references

Specific areas of expertise and past performance are verified to contour the search to your specific areas of interest. We use the most sophisticated skill assessment tools in the marketplace today.

VIII. Secure the offer and the acceptance

We can assist in determining appropriate compensation based on our knowledge of similar positions in the industry and geographic area. Thoroughly understanding both employer and employee, means an employment offer will be virtually assured of acceptance.


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