The world judges your company by the people you keep. Judge us by the people
we bring to your company.

The word “personnel” comes from the Greek word meaning “face”. The face you show to the world through your personnel can mean finishing first in the race to succeed. Companies are defined by their talent.

Quite simply, your personnel sets your organization apart from competitors.

Time is Money - Do not waste money trying to guess who will succeed in a new job.

To make the best hire, you need a reputable search firm with a successful track record. Selecting the right recruiting firm is as important as choosing the right employee. A trusted partner since 1985, Abraham & London has built a reputation for credibility and reliability. Our Industry specific recruiters take an aggressive approach in placing mid to senior level professionals in sales, marketing and technical support positions.

As active participants in the FIRST INTERVIEW and SEARCHNET INTERNATIONAL cooperative placement networks, we extend your reach around the globe. By utilizing a network of over 300 partners throughout the U.S. and 30 additional countries around the world, we can find the best candidates or opportunity wherever they may be.

You are assured of confidentiality, professionalism and experience

Our professional staff will manage the entire search process, from the first call to the first day - targeted to saving valuable time & resources. Regardless of the economic tides, in a slow economy or during robust growth, we have a high rate of successful placements. Our team knows the value of strong relationships, which is why every client and candidate who works with Abraham & London is treated with the utmost integrity and respect.

We hear the unspoken clues that lead to successful placements.

Before beginning the selection process, we take the time to thoroughly educate ourselves about the business. This enables us to identify the appropriate candidate skills, industry specifics and corporate culture. Putting the right person in a position is a critical investment in long-term growth. We take an active approach, assessing in detail your challenges and goals. We listen for the unspoken, key indicators from employers and candidates that will produce results not possible through other hiring methods. Our recruiters evaluate experience and investigate past performance as a predictor of future results.


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