Creating a resume and online presence that are distinctive and attractive to employers:
  1. 2016 Resume Tips: 

    I’m sure you’ve heard how you only have a few seconds to get a hiring manager’s attention with your resume. Well now a study published by Microsoft in May of this year confirms that. The study reveals how in the year 2000 we had a 12-second attention span, but by 2013 it had decreased to an 8-second attention span. We now have a one second shorter attention span than a goldfish. Not very comforting when you’re job searching and trying your hardest to get an employer to pay attention to your resume……………Read More

  2. How To make Your Resume and Linkedin Profile Complement One Another: 

    When LinkedIn first got its start with just 4,500 members, all that was necessary to stand out and appear cutting-edge was a skeletal career outline listed on your profile.

    Once word spread and more and more joined the ranks of LinkedIn, a cut-and-paste resume was still more than sufficient to differentiate yourself from the competition – many of whom were still not using LinkedIn as a medium for job searching.

    Fast forward to 2016 and everything has changed. Today, LinkedIn boasts over 400 million users in over 200 countries and territories, with professionals signing up at a rate of more than two new members per second………………Read More

Prepping your references:
  1. Five Questions References Should Be Prepared to Answer: 

    A political party nominates the next president of the United States. A character witness testifies on behalf of a defendant. LeBron endorses Nike, Beyonce endorses Pepsi and you endorse Susan, a former co-worker who needs your help landing a job.

    There’s a lot of power packed in a thumbs up. That personal advocacy is huge for both the endorsed and the endorser, or in the case of a job interview, the candidate and the reference. The candidate’s career partly depends on what the reference says. And should the reference speak favorably, his or her credibility and professional brand depends on the performance of the candidate…………….Read More

July 26, 2016