Resigning from your current role professionally and courteously:
  1. How to Quit Your Job: 

    Thinking about quitting your job? Make sure you handle the process well, because you may cross paths with your manager and coworkers in the future—and even if you don’t, these are the people who will be giving you references in the future.

    Here are eight tips for a smooth resignation…………….Read More

  2. 5 LinkedIn Tips for How to Resign From Your Job Gracefully: 

    Whether you can’t wait to tell your employer you’re moving on or you’re dreading the conversation, your behavior in your last days at a company can leave a lasting impression on your professional reputation………………Read more

  3. How to Resign From Your Company and Keep Great Relationships: 

    The time has come for you to quit your job.

    The siren song of entrepreneurship has lured you away to its lifestyle of challenge and excitement. Or you’re moving on to a different company. Or you realize that roaming as a nomad is superior to wasting away in a cubicle.

    Whatever the case, you’re ready to quit…………….Read More

July 26, 2016