Entering your new career with the right first impressions:
  1. New Job?  How to survive 6 First-week Challenges:

    Before you start a new job, you’ll likely know your schedule, basic reporting structure and universal workplace etiquette — you’ll probably even have a good idea of what you’ll be doing. But the specifics of your daily routine, like who you’ll be working with and the policies and procedures you’ll follow, are waiting to be discovered during your first few days……………..Read More

  2. What to Do When You’re New on the Job:

    It’s never easy being the new guy. Whether you’re heading into your first job out of school or your 15th, the first days at a new gig are rarely easy ones. New coworkers, a new office, and a brand new work culture all lend to the feeling that you are a stranger in an even stranger land. What’s the best way to cope?……………..Read More

  3. 21 Things You Should do on your First Day of Work:

    “Go to the cafeteria, the break room and ask people to tell you stories,” says Todd Hudson, founder of Maverick Institute, Portland Ore., which published the handbook, “My Personal Onboarding Plan: The New Hire’s Guide to On-the-Job Success.”……………..Read More

  4. Starting A New Job? 10 Steps to Ensure Your Success:

    Even if you haven’t officially started, you can lay the groundwork for a smooth start before your first day. Contact your manager and see if s/he has any recommendations for how to prepare. Ask for reading material on the company and its products – e.g., annual reports, recent town hall memos, company newsletters. There might be paperwork you can fill out now (e.g., benefits forms, tax forms) to save time on your first day……………..Read More

July 26, 2016